Cyber Security Training and Seminars

85-90% of data breaches are caused by human error...
  ... most could have been avoided with training

Cyber Security Training

  • On-going training in small bites reinforces learning
  • Records and demonstrates your commitment towards cyber security
  • Combines the latest learning technologies with 20+ years of cybersecurity expertise
  • Promotes awareness and safe behaviour patterns

Cyber Security Presentations

Microshade VSM's Technical Director is ready to speak at your conference, with with an informative and educational presentation. Typical content:
  • Your responsibilities for keeping data secure
  • Common threats to your data security
  • Hackers and malware
  • Staying safe - the basics
    • Choosing a good anti-malware
    • The importance of updating your computers and programs
    • Email Security, spam and impersonation
    • Backups
    • Networks and Wi-Fi
    • Policies and Training
    • Password choices and management
    • Web meetings

Cyber Security
General Data Protection Regulation
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