Microshade VSM at SLCC

Our Company

Microshade VSM provide secure IT solutions, developed especially for the local council sector, and suitable for councils of all sizes. We are very proud of our reputation for providing excellent customer support, which we believe is second to none.

We are a UK company established in 1984. We first entered the Local Authority market in 1996 trading under the name of RBS Software Solutions, and became renowned for the provision of high quality, local council sector specific, accounting and administration software, establishing a strong reputation for support and customer service.

We partner with organisations and other providers serving the sector, to offer a range of relevant and first-class products, services and training.

Meet The Team

David, our Technical Director since 2010, is an IT Professional with BSC honours degree in Industrial Information Technology, has over 35 years of IT support experience from user desktop help to global support of business critical servers, in organisations of all sizes and including some very sensitive and prestigious clients such as the MoD, NHS and the German finance sector.

Rob is our Support Engineer and architect for critical systems, especially Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Exchange, and has been with us since 2014.  Rob has a vast amount of experience in the Telecoms & IT industry.  Rob monitors our systems for vulnerabilities and takes responsibility for system maintenance and updates.

George, a Citrix Certified Professional, runs the support desk alongside David, and is the go to person for Citrix and Cyber Security related questions. George monitors our many managed services, and develops new technologies to improve delivery and security of our Citrix based services.

Stuart is a qualified accountant with experience at a senior level in medium sizes organisations, who in partnership with Jan Wilbur, developed Microshade as a market leader in the supply of accounting solutions to the Town and Parish Council market.  The RBS trade name and accounting products were sold 14 years ago.  He is currently acting as the Chief Executive with overall responsibility for managing the company.

Jan is an experienced administrator who with Stuart was responsible for the earlier success of the Microshade business.  She is running all administration and accounting functions and assisting with marketing via exhibitions and seminars.

Maxine is a marketing professional, she holds a degree in leisure management and marketing and has gained considerable experience at senior positions in large national and multi-national organisations.  She is responsible for marketing, public relations and customer liaison on a part-time basis.