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Microshade is a UK company established in 1984. We first entered the Local Authority market in 1996 trading under the name of RBS Software Solutions, and became renowned for the provision of high quality, sector specific, accounting and administration software.

During this time Microshade has established a strong reputation for support and customer service. We now bring this culture to the provision of IT Services.

Our mission is to offer a "turnkey" portfolio of hosted software solutions to small Private and Government organisations, providing first class on-going service and support, leveraging Enterprise class infrastructure which would normally be available only to larger organisations.

Customers are able to work from any location, using their preferred device (PC, Mac, tablet etc), sharing files with colleagues as if in the same office, while their files are securely maintained in our purpose built UK data centre.

Our portfolio approach enables the customer's various software to integrate as designed, and includes market leading solutions for Office and email, Accountancy, Customer Relationship Management, Mapping, Facilities Bookings, Leisure Centre Management, Council Administration (Cemeteries, Allotments, etc), Asset Management, Managed Anti Virus/Endpoint Security, and more ...
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