If you are concerned about your vulnerability to cyber attacks, Microshade VSM have security services to protect your IT

You may also be intersted in protecting your mobile devices

24/7 Email Spam & Virus Filtering

Spam accounts for 90% of all emails worldwide, threatening employee productivity and network security. A single email virus can cost your organisation an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity, as well as compromise your system and data integrity. Microshade VSM keeps Spam and Viruses out of your Inbox.
  • Multiple levels of spam and virus protection
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined, with less than 0.01% false-positives
  • Works with any email system
  • Entirely Web-based; sets up in minutes with no software to install
  • Highly customisable
  • Learns and adapts to provide the most accurate, up-to-date protection
  • Delete virus-infected emails while keeping the email message
  • Fully supported

Managed Anti-Malware Service

Peace of mind that your computer protection is appropriate, effective, actively managed, maintained and monitored via our remote support services.

The standard service provides:
  • Installation and configuration of managed Endpoint Security/Anti-Malware software
  • Central management and monitoring of your installation
  • Automated and managed software and virus definition file updates
  • System scans that are run at recommended intervals
  • Notification to our central support team of problems, threats and infections
  • Licenses, upgrades and support

The advanced service offers all the above, plus
  • we will monitor your system for software vulnerabilities
  • we manage windows and application updates to ensure your computers remain up to date with the latest security patches

IT Security

Can your council afford to lose its memory?

Councils of all sizes are at risk from Cyber attacks. Recent Ransomware attacks impacted 300,000 computers across 150 countries, crippling the NHS and other organisations. Over 300,000 brand new viruses are detected every day. 1/3 of all crimes committed are Cyber Crimes. We specialise in IT solutions for the Town, Parish and Community Council Market, and are the trusted service provider for councils large and small across England and Wales. In response to requests from existing users of our Local Council Community Cloud we have now introduced a security checks service. We offer three different levels of this service with prices from as little as £25.00 per device.

Security Packages

General Data Protection Regulation
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Endpoint Security & Antivirus Windows updates Software vulnerabilities Email delivery security Backups Firewall ports Cost
per computer
Computer security audit Check Check Check Check Check Check £25
Managed endpoint security Monitor & Manage £36 p.a.
Advanced endpoint security Monitor & Manage Monitor & Manage Monitor & Manage Check Check Check £99.50 p.a.